Editing formulas made a bit easier

If you have a formula in a cell that has returned an error you sometimes need to step through the formula in order to correct it (you can quickly ‘get into’ the formula by selecting the cell containing the formula and pressing F2 rather than having to click into the Formula Bar).

There is a setting in Excel that will allow you to edit a formula in the Formula Bar rather than directly in the cell.

It can be advantageous using this feature if the formula is lengthy as by editing the formula in cell can obscure cells that are being referenced in the formula.

In the example below we can see that the VLOOKUP formula references cell E4 which isn’t visible due to the formula being longer than the cell it is contained in.

Also, the really useful feature of highlighting the cells being referenced doesn’t work well as we can’t see E4!


There is an option available that will allow you to edit a formula in the Formula Bar.

In order to turn this feature on


Now you will be able to edit the cell in the Formula Bar giving you full visibility of all the referenced cells.


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