Simple Dashboard

Project Requirement – Create clean and easy to read dashboards for debtors and orders data

VBA code was utilised to update the dashboard via an SQL Server query at a specified interval giving the viewer the most up to date information

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Work Flow Scheduler

Project Requirement – Ability to dynamically schedule jobs across a number of employees to give a basic Gantt chart view of the scheduled work and an analysis of the resource required and allocated.


The tool was developed with the following functionality

  • A full-screen view to make the tool look like a non Excel application – All ribbons, formula bars, and worksheet tabs were hidden which has the added benefit of being able to fit more of the worksheet on the screen.
  • Administrator access – Via a password entered in a dialog box, the file could be fully opened to enable any changes to the tool. Generally any changes required via the admin password were for development purposes
  • Button Controlled Navigation – Rather than using the hidden worksheet tabs to navigate around the file, the user activates the different screens via buttons/controls on a control panel embedded in the sheets
  • Ability to change the date range view – Using controls/buttons on the control panel, the user can shift the view by a day, week or month or select a specific date from which to view the next 6 weeks of scheduled work
  • Add a new job – Via a control/button on the control panel, the user can enter a new job using a user form. The user form contains error checks to ensure the data entered is valid and adds to a database within the file
  • Amend/Delete an entered job – Once a job has been entered, the details can be amended or deleted from the database
  • Assign a colleague to a job – Each job can be assigned to each stage of the job via a user form containing drop-down selection and added to the database
  • Amend/Delete an assignment – Each assignment added can be amended or deleted from the database
  • Save, Close & Print – As the ribbons have been hidden, this functionality as selected using controls/buttons embedded in the control panels
  • Client Output – An output can be printed for a customer with a summary of the schedule

Job Scheduler

Project Requirement – Tool to enable the assignment of colleagues to jobs ensuring the business ran at a level that utilised available resource without over-stretching capacity

I was contacted by a medium sized joinery business facing a challenge around the assignment of each stage of jobs to different members of staff and being able to efficiently manage their workload.

The final product delivered the following

  • A user interface to add details of each job received into the business
  • An 8 week calendar view
  • A user interface to assign each stage of the job to different staff members
  • A dynamic calendar that enable viewing of future and past assignments
  • The ability to amend assignments via the calendar view

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Pricing Tool

Project Requirement – A tool to dynamically create quotes based on a number of pricing matrices that utilise pricing differentials based on various options available.

The tool required the user to make a number of selections based on the type of supply and product options.

Functionality incorporated into the tool

  • Drop-down selection of products – These lists are dynamic and the options available increase/decrease upon amendment of the pricing matrix
  • Error checking to inform the user through colour coding of cells where action is required
  • Dynamic checking of selections made to ensure that options selected are compatible with the product
  • Ability within each product type to
    • Insert a blank row
    • Copy the previous row
    • Delete a row
    • Clear a whole product type selection
  • Ability to
    • Include comments to be added to the quote output
    • Display or hide the breakdown of prices or to only show a total for all products


Once the product selections have been made the output has the following functionality implemented

  • Product Type ranges are made visible or hidden dependent on whether any product for that product type have been selected
  • Ability to
    • Print the quote for filing
    • Save the report in preparation for emailing to the customer.  This required a conversion to a template Word file that utilised a company letter head
    • Reset/clear the tool of all data
    • Exit the file completely
    • Admin access – This was accessed via a password entry that gave the admin full access to the file

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Holiday/Work Day Planner

Project Requirement – Tool to enable holiday scheduling and to ensure the correct payment for accrued holiday pay was made when employees left the business

The requirement was for an annual holiday planner that would ensure payments made to employees that had left the business correctly reflected their entitlement.

Whilst discussing these requirements it was decided that the tool should be developed to be utilised as a ‘day to day’ planner that incorporated a function to calculate accrued holiday.

The final solution incorporated the following functionality

  • Calculate the accrued holiday for each month of the year
  • Assign a flag to each day of the year to reflect what activity the employee had undertaken
  • Any bank holiday worked increased holiday entitlement by 1 day
  • Add/delete/amend colleague details
  • Data validation to ensure correct data was added
  • Month by month reporting on any absences and activity types

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