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At Rousseau Associates, the primary aim of the consultancy is to empower your organisation by developing powerful Excel and VBA based tools.

Through a process of consultation prior to and/or ongoing consulting during a project, your exact needs can be implemented giving you full control over your project goals. Where appropriate, the stages of the build will be explained to give you the detail around what needs to happen to deliver the requirements.

All work is generally carried out remotely from the consultancy base in North Yorkshire, but where required a site visit can be arranged.


As an experienced Excel & VBA consultant, I am able to efficiently utilise Microsoft Excel to achieve your goals for a relatively small investment.

The powerful VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming module that sits behind all Microsoft Office applications enables even more powerful functionality to be implemented, and it is also possible to further increase the functionality by utilising in conjunction with other Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Access and PowerPoint.

It is impossible to list all the possibilities available by using Excel, but some examples of the potential returns on investment are:

  • Improved workflow and productivity though the automation of existing processes
  • Achieve greater insight in what drives a business through powerful and value adding reporting
  • The ability to develop a process ensuring it can be quickly and efficiently adapted as your business changes


Please click on the boxes below for examples of where Rousseau Associates has delivered these specific project requirements.



Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with high level reporting ensuring potential challenges can be dealt with proactively. An Excel based dashboard can query databases to keep your team up to date.


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Pricing Tools

Pricing Tools allow you to create accurate and efficient quotations and costings for your clients. Dynamic functionality enables product and price changes and the ability to creates a professional output for your clients.


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Resource Planning

Ensure your resources are utilised as efficiently as possible via the many tools that can be developed by Rousseau Associates. Our tools enable you to coordinate your team more effectively saving you time and money.


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Data Collation

Collecting and storing information about employees, equipment, etc is achieved through efficient tools that will validate and store all entered data allowing retrieval for analysis and/or amendment.


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Bespoke Excel Training

At Rousseau Associates our Excel training is focused on your needs as a business or as an individual and can be tailored to your requirements ensuring the cost and time is efficiently utilised.


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