Achieve Data Insight

Achieve Data Insight

Deep dive Excel data to aid decision making

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The majority of currently available business software provide an element of reporting, and dependent on the amount invested, differing levels of reporting and report building are included.

Where this is not the case or the report building process is complicated, making sense of data can seem like an impossible task.

By utilising the flexible functionality, bespoke Excel reporting can be created to give your business exactly what it needs rather than having to make do with what your business software provides.

The Excel reporting functionality is extremely powerful and by taking a simple raw data set, powerful and value adding reporting can be created by utilising

  • Graphs
  • Bar/column charts
  • Pie charts

If data tables prove to be more insightful, complex Excel formulas can be utilised to deep dive into raw data sets creating

  • Focused analysis
  • Comparative analysis
  • Ability to highlight areas requiring attention based on specific criteria

Excel reporting can be built that is fully dynamic allowing many years of use and by also implementing automation into a process, minimal user intervention can be achieved.

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