Excel Process Automation

Excel Process Automation

Automate Excel based processes to save time and money

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In any business, time spent on non revenue generating activities is more often that not, lost revenue!

By utilising the powerful functionality available in Excel you can automate labour intensive and/or manual processes that could have taken hours to days to complete.  Manual processes are also exposed to potential errors and inconsistencies due to the nature of their execution as human beings make mistakes, but an automated Excel process does not!  Repetitive tasks do not sit well with us and performing the same keystrokes time after time with a high degree of accuracy is not an easy task for anyone.  These processes can be automated to execute in seconds to minutes with 100% accuracy returning valuable time back to the user.


Examples of Excel process automation

  • Reporting – From a single set of data (or more if necessary), reports based on business structure, salesperson, branch, product group, etc can be generated to be output to a unique Excel file, PowerPoint presentation, PDF or Word document.  Reports can can be static or dynamic based on the data used and the area being reported on and include tables of data and/or charts.
  • Timesheets – Multiple Excel based timesheets can be created quickly and efficiently to incorporate specific information for the period.  The collation of these timesheets can also be automated to ensure 100% accuracy with regards to the timesheet data being collated.
  • Data Entry – If data that exists in Excel needs adding to another Excel file but requires a lot of copying and pasting, a process can be built to automate this saving huge amounts of time and ensuring 100% accuracy
  • Data Collation – If data is held in multiple Excel files which need collated periodically for reporting, a automated process can collect the required data by looping through files in a folder location.

The above are all very simple examples of what can be achieved by utilising an automated Excel process, and this functionality should not be ignored if you want to save your business time and money.

An investment now will enable you and your employees to spend more time on the more important aspects of your business.

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